Our Break in Brussels

Our Break in BrusselsI love looking at old photos, though I mostly concentrate on the ones when my children were quite young. Isn’t it amazing how one day they’re a little baby, and the next thing you know they’re at school multiplying their tables. Today I found the photos from our family mini-break to Brussels back in 2010. Oh, the ease of travelling with just one child. Moozles was two but we had a painless journey on the Eurostar to Belgium’s capital city. We even forgot the buggy, and it was still fine.

Then again, Brussels is a good city to visit with little ones. We strolled through the Grand-Place, visited parks and statues. And we had lots of lovely meals. And all those chips. It’s a child’s dream. My only issue is the terrible photos. What on earth was I using as a camera back then? Ugh. Thank goodness for today’s smart phones and their fancy cameras.

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9 thoughts on “Our Break in Brussels

  1. Ah yes I do remember those halcyon days of travelling with one child. These are lovely pictures and a great captured moment, it looks like Moozles is having a fab time. I have never been to Belgium, but my husband has and always raves about it. I really must put it on my to do list. And yes, they grow just too quickly xx

  2. Lovely pictures! Looked like you had a brilliant time. Although we drive through Belgium quite a lot on our way to other countries, we never stop there. Brussels looks lovely though. Did you try any of the escargots from the food truck? #MyCapturedMoment

  3. Aww this takes me back to when I used to live in Brussels! I wish I had visited like a tourist! It’s not quite the same when you live there! Amazing beer, mussles, chips and waffles though! X

  4. Ah bless her, she looks so tinny!! I’ve gone back to the achieves for my ‘My Captured Moment’ today too and I couldn’t agree more – I love looking back at old pictures. They do grow so quickly don’t they?!

    Looks like you all had a lovely time in Brussels. Thanks for linking up to My Captured Moment hon xx

  5. Hi Elfa, the photos really aren’t that bad. Moozles looks happy in the pictures and Brussels does sound like a good city to visit.


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