Our Holiday Cottage – Norburton Hall

I may have previously mentioned my obsessive-compulsive research habits. I am especially bad when it comes to organising a holiday. I search and search and agonise over the decision. This was the case for our recent holiday in Dorset. One of the reasons I chose Dorset was its proximity to London (don’t want to travel for too long as we all know how tough it can be to travel with a toddler). The other main reason was the above cottage. Norburton Hall offers lovely self-catering cottages perfect for a family at a reasonable cost. We stayed in The Shippen cottage, which was so comfy and modern. It has two bedrooms and is all on one floor (which is ideal for us as our 23-month old is overly fond of walking up and down stairs).

Sorry to disparage British folk, but a lot of self-catering cottages are beyond dated. Grandma sofas and granny blankets.  I like sofas that don’t look like they harbour millions of parasites. And we’re a family of four, we can’t just squeeze onto one small sofa. I like duvets with white bedding. I like wooden floors, not old carpeting that makes me sneeze from the owner’s cats. I need a dishwasher because my kids never stop eating and drinking, and I don’t do dishes at home so why would I do them on holiday? I need a washing machine/tumble dryer. I want a fridge and a decent size freezer–on our holidays we eat lots of chips and ice cream.

We all need comfy beds. A bathtub is a must. My kids don’t like showers. A shower too? Fab, Husband and I don’t have time for baths. Speaking of bathing, I want my hot water and heating included. And my towels. We don’t have room in our car for damn towels. I can barely fit in my pillow. I never sleep away from home without my special tempur pillow. 

What did you say–lovely grounds that the children can play in and have a wander? And a lovely playground that is reachable in about two minutes in the car?! Oh, yes Norburton Hall. You will see us again. Maybe next time we will bring the grandparents and stay in the Gardener’s Cottage. Husband and I would love free babysitting quality family time.

Family Fever

10 thoughts on “Our Holiday Cottage – Norburton Hall

  1. Oh my word, this place looks perfect! I know what you mean about self catering cottages – I want a holiday not a week of uncomfortable beds and washing up! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Looks lovely 😉 I always think I need to do more UK holidaying! I just get annoyed when it’s shit weather! Bloody UK! lol x

  3. Wow that looks really luxurious! I’m the same, agonising over the decision on a holiday. Looks like you made a good choice here.

  4. Wow! What a stunning place. Totally agree about self catering cottages in general, but that looks brilliant.

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