Our Vegetable Challenge

Our Vegetable ChallengeOkay, there’s something I have to admit. Husband and I eat a lot of meat. Like every night for dinner. And we always say we should try and have a vegetarian-based dinner once a week (like Meatless Monday), and every week we fail. So when ao.com asked us to eat six vegetable-based meals out of seven days, I was excited for the challenge. Husband was not. And even suggested that I was a bit crazy for accepting the challenge. Hmph. 

So the week before Christmas, we said ‘see ya later lamb, peace out pork, and bye bye burger’. And we filled the fridge with vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables. And since Husband is the superior cook in this relationship, I handed him the recipe cards and wished him good luck.

From top to bottom, here are some of the delicious vegetable-based dishes we enjoyed: spiced root vegetable soup; spiced vegetable biryani; tofu and asparagus pad thai; and mushroom, spinach and potato pie. We enjoyed them all, but the biryani was my favourite. Not only was it delicious, but it was extremely filling.

It was Husband’s first time cooking tofu and he found it incredibly easy, and we both agreed that it tasted really nice. He will definitely be cooking it again, as it is low in calories whilst being high in protein and calcium (amongst other vitamins and minerals). Tofu is definitely underrated and is such a good, and cheap, alternative to meat.

I also liked that most of the dishes could be eaten on my lap, while we watched telly. I had a crazy bad cough for most of December, so it was nice to get comfy during dinner. I seemed to finally get over my cough during our week of vegetables. And eating so many vegetables in the run-up to Christmas kept us feeling well for all the festivities. It really showed us that we hadn’t been eating enough vegetables.

Husband and I are now determined to eat more vegetables and to have a weekly night off of meat. There are so many wonderful vegetable dishes out there, we just need to stop being nervous and start making some lovely healthy dishes. There are still vegetables we haven’t tried. And rather than making vegetables as the side, we’ll be making vegetables as the main dish.

Our Vegetable Challenge Our Vegetable Challenge Our Vegetable Challenge Our Vegetable Challenge



We were given complimentary vegetables for the purpose of this post, as well as a waffle maker to thank us for taking part. All opinions expressed are entirely my own (and Husband’s).


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