Reading Glasses for My Girl

Reading Glasses for My Girl

Moozles has been wanting glasses for years. But whenever they have those eye tests at school, there have not been any issues flagged. But in the past five months, Moozles has been reading more and more. Sometimes we catch her reading in bed, late at night, with no light apart from the clock on her radio. I did the same thing when I was young, and I needed reading glasses. And since the NHS offer free eye checks for children, I took Moozles for her first visit to the optometrist on Tuesday (not exactly half-term fun, but oh well).

Anyway, the eye check went well (it lasted about half an hour). Moozles’ eyes were borderline, so she could have gone without glasses. But the optometrist did recommend that she wear reading glasses as it will help slow down the deterioration of her eyes. Moozles is also supposed to take a break every 20 minutes of reading so her eyes can have a little rest. I am not sure how I am going to enforce that. But I have been taking her favourite books out of her bedroom so as to reduce the temptation to engage in late-night reading.

Anyway, I was pleased to find out that children are entitled to free glasses through the NHS. Although you can pay for the fancier glasses, there were loads of cute (free) ones to choose from. Moozles chose some green ones (green is her favourite colour), and we picked them up on Friday. She has been wearing them around the house, though I have explained that she only needs them for reading. Moozles loves her glasses, and I have to admit that she looks pretty cute in them.

Reading Glasses for My Girl Reading Glasses for My GirlReading Glasses for My Girl


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