Robinsons and the London Wetland Centre

Robinsons and the London Wetlands Centre

Last week, Robinsons Squash invited my family (and a few other families) to spend a day at the London Wetland Centre to learn about hydration and how to keep our bodies healthy. There are so many misconceptions about water. So while the children, and partners, went out for pond dipping, the bloggers were treated to a fascinating talk about the importance of keeping hydrated. Many people know how important it is for a healthy body and mind (better skin, improved concentration and less stress, to name a few benefits). But most people are unclear as to how much water is needed to feel and be healthy.

Many of adults (30%) and children (50%) in the UK are not drinking enough water. Children between the ages of 4-8 (Like Dubz and Moozles) should be consuming 1280ml of water per day. As a woman, I require 1600ml and men require 2000ml. But that doesn’t mean just drinking plain water. You can drink milk, squash and diluted fruit juice for optimal hydration. Even tea and coffee help. And although high sugar drinks like Coke and smoothies contribute to your daily water intake, it is best to avoid these drinks as they are not good for your teeth. In fact, many people do not realise that there is more sugar in smoothies than in Coca-Cola. Eek.

I already keep juice to a minimum at home (and try to dilute it whenever possible), but my son does not like drinking water. I can normally entice Dubz to drink a couple of glasses a day by promising him some squash. Husband is an ardent lover of Robinsons’ orange squash, so we normally have it in the cupboard. On a hot day, when it is even more critical to stay hydrated, I offer Dubz a glass of squash for every glass of water. It is very effective at keeping him hydrated.

After our talk, the children and partners returned and we had a lovely picnic lunch (indoors as it was a rainy day, which is typical for a half-term break). Husband and Dubz were in Heaven as there were bottle of squash everywhere. Being American, I did not grow up drinking squash. And I have always been a bit hesitant to drink more than the occasional glass. But after hearing from Helen Bond, a state registered dietician, I felt more comfortable knowing that squash is a good alternative to water.

It was fitting that the event was held at the London Wetland Centre. Wetlands are described as the place ‘where land meets water’. It is also a nature reserve where migrating birds come for a visit. There are also endangered ducks which can live here and breed safely. Many of the earth’s wetlands are being developed, which poses problems for animals, plants and human life.  If you would like to see more of the London Wetland Centre, have a look at my vlog below.

Robinsons and the London Wetlands CentreRobinsons and the London Wetlands Centre Robinsons and the London Wetlands Centre Robinsons and the London Wetlands Centre


We were invited by Robinsons to visit the London Wetlands Centre. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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