Rolling on the Floor Wednesday

rolling on the floor wednesdays

In my attempt to make things run more smoothly before bedtime, I no longer allow my children to watch television after dinner. I let them watch telly after school. Then they have to tidy up before dinner. I wanted the time after dinner to be more relaxing – reading, playing quietly and/or baths. On the first day of my experiment, the kids spent about 20 minutes rolling around on the living room floor. They had a great time, but there was no relaxation to be had. They have since gotten used to our new routine. But I love this photo as it shows what loons my children truly are. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Rolling on the Floor Wednesday

  1. What a great pic! I always try and have a bit of “calm” time before bed but it never works. My boys end up running around the place screaming!!!! grrrrr so it’s either that or TV! #wickedwednesdays

  2. I thought it was a tantrum of epic proportions at first look! Phew to it not being that!

    Yeah our pre bedtime time is never relaxed either! But hey they go bed at 7 o clock on the dot and are always asleep by 7.15 so shant complain much!


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  4. Haha – glad there are loons in other people’s houses, as well as my own. I wish I could enforce tidy time, never works in my house! x

  5. Oh bab but they look so happy! Why are kids so cray cray? Thanks so much for linking up with #wickedwednesdays this week and I can’t wait to see what you have lined up for me this week! x

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