Running from Bees at Mayfield Lavender Farm

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen hundreds of posts from lavender farms all across the country. June, July and early August are the best times to visit. Take some family photos or capture your outfits in a beautiful environment. And if you live in south London, Mayfield is the nearest lavender farm.

We first visited Mayfield Lavender Farm four years ago, after Moozles finished her first year of school. I was looking back at the photos from this first visit because we had our third visit today. And how my little ones have changed. They really aren’t so little anymore. My two were running around, trying to stay away from bees. At one point, they were both adamant they had been stung by the bees. They hadn’t. But it can be quite daunting for children to see so many bees in one place. There are loads of bees, but they mostly keep to the lavender.

Mayfield itself has changed quite a bit since our first visit. A few years ago, you could go at the weekend without struggling to get parking. Plus entry was free. These days, the weekends are heaving with tourists and families taking photos. And entry to Mayfield now costs £1 per adult. If you plan to visit Mayfield, try to get there at the beginning of the day or the end of the day. There is a cafe on site, as well as a little caravan serving drinks and cake. But you can’t bring your own picnic. But bring your camera and make sure to take lots of photos.



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