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Since the weather has been sunny and warm, I should probably be writing about all the outdoor activities we’ve been enjoying. Unfortunately, we cannot spend all our time outdoors. Dubz still has a daily nap from 1-3.30pm, so Husband and I often use this time at the weekends to spend quality time with our 6-year old daughter. Last Sunday I was tired and grumpy, so Husband had some Daddy-Daughter time with Moozles, making sand art.

When Moozles turned five, her birthday gifts became 90% craft kits.  This is great because it means that we always have something to do on a rainy day or a quiet afternoon. She received a Bottle Sand Art kit for her sixth birthday a couple of months ago. She needed some initial help from her daddy. He put the sand in some bowls, and showed Moozles how the funnel works. It was quite easy for her to do on her own. I’ve seen similar retailing for £6-£7 and would suit children from the ages of 4-7. I would definitely recommend as a gift for your child or someone else’s. Moozles really enjoyed herself and was proud of her creations (and I got half an hour of peace to de-grumpify).

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

8 thoughts on “Sand Art

  1. It sounds like Moozles is a creative little girl and enjoys crafting activities. The sand art came out lovely and as you say it’s a break from technology and quality time spent with Daddy. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Have to say, once kids turn four I have a tendency to start buying craft gifts 🙂 She looks very pleased with her art work, looks like a great activity x

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