Scoff & Banter, With Friends

Scoff & Banter with friends

Is it just me, or can it be tough meeting up with friends once you have children? And I feel that’s it’s more difficult when you live in London. You start off making friends in once area, then move around a few times. And if you change jobs, or become a Stay-At-Home-Mum, it becomes even tougher. So it is important to schedule nights out with your friends. And yes, I have lovely mummy friends. But it’s also nice spending time with friends I made before we had our children in common.

So at the weekend I met up with two former colleagues for dinner at Scoff & Banter in South Kensington. I worked with these two ladies a few years ago. Although we keep in touch through Facebook and the occasional playdate, the three of us haven’t all met up in years. And it was lovely seeing each other, without the kids, to enjoy three courses of delicious British cuisine in a beautifully-styled restaurant.

There are six Scoff & Banter restaurants in London. The one we went to in South Ken is situated next to the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Vanderbilt Hotel. The outside is very beautiful. And as an American, I can’t help but think that Georgian townhouses make a property feel a bit more special. Then you walk into the restaurant and there’s an unexpected coolness. It is modern, and a bit industrial with some quirky touches. There were splashes of colour, as well as lots of natural light from the bay windows.

Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends

But a restaurant has to be more than just cool design. The food has to be good. And it really was. I had scallops for my starter, and they were yummy. But my main course was my favourite part. Wild sea bass with spinach dumplings. Now, I love dumplings. And I love spinach. But I did not expect to love the combination so much. And despite being on a healthy living regime, I let myself order pudding as it was a special night out. The chocolate fondant was gorgeous, as was the coconut ice cream and the pistachio brittle. The girls had crumble and a cheese platter. I think my dessert was definitely the winner.

Though I really enjoyed my three courses at Scoff & Banter, as did my friends, I found the portions to be a bit big. I was unable to finish my main or my dessert (if only Husband had been there – he would have loved to finish off my chocolate fondant). I think the next time I go, I will just have two courses. But I have to say that the service was brilliant. We did not have to wait long to order food and order/re-order drinks. And the waitress was so patient as it took us ages to order as we were so busy bantering (see what I did there?!). All in all, we had a fab night out!

Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends Scoff & Banter with friends
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I was invited to have dinner with my friends at Scoff & Banter for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own (when not my friends’).


7 thoughts on “Scoff & Banter, With Friends

  1. Looks like you had a great time hon! This restaurant sounds amazing. I love those old tardis like townhouses in Kensington, such a fab part of London. Those scallops look heavenly… Drooling here!! #tastytuesdays

  2. This looks like a fab evening out. I definitely find it much harder to catch up with friends (not counting soft play dates) now I have two little ones. Glad you had such a nice time. The food looks lovely and I guess big portions better than being too small!

  3. That food looks awesome. I don’t have kids yet but have friends that do and it does get difficult for them. Great post and mmm scallops 🙂

  4. Wow what a stunning restaurant and I was drooling looking at the pictures, nothing more fun than gorgeous food with great company. You look beautiful too. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuedays x

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