Setting Sail on the Cutty Sark

We love exploring new places. And for ages we have talked about going to Cutty Sark. So we were excited to head to Greenwich last weekend for a visit. And although we didn’t technically set sail, we had a great time running around Cutty Sark.

Major spoiler alert – my seven-year old son, Dubz, had the best time. He wasn’t sure whether he was going to like it, but he’s always up for a day out. And he loved exploring Cutty Sark. The ship is a museum, but one that is geared for adults and children. Dubz loved pretending to steer the ship, looking through all the staterooms and using the interactive screen to pretend to sail.

We learned about tea, and about life on a clipper ship. There are various characters from the past who give their accounts of life on Cutty Sark. It really made the olden days more real for the children.

I think my favourite part was the amazing collection of figureheads (actually the largest collection in the world). Dubz loved them too, but he said that his favourite part was the Explorer Trail. Kids get a trail booklet, and they can stamp it along the way.

Here are some facts about Cutty Sark, in case you’re not familiar with it. It is a clipper ship, and was built to quickly carry huge amounts of tea between China and England. Launched in 1869, Cutty Sark carried 10 million pounds of tea between 1870 and 1877. It was one of the fastest ships at the time, and is the only surviving clipper ship. Cutty Sark has traveled the equivalent of two and a half voyages to the moon and back and it has been docked at Maritime Greenwich for 60 years.

If you’d like to visit Cutty Sark, then it is best to take public transport to Greenwich. While you can take a variety of tube lines and DLR to Greenwich, there’s actually a dedicated stop called Cutty Sark. And while you’re there, you can explore Greenwich Park, have a look around Greenwich Market, and choose from one of the many local restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Although you won’t be able to set sail, you can still have a great family day out.


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