Silly Selfies

Silly Selfies

Long-time readers might remember that I ran a monthly selfie linky for about a year. It began when I noticed that I was rarely in any of the family photos. Regular readers will know that Husband is renowned for his terrible photography skills, so if he ever takes a photo of me and the kids, the photo is normally fuzzy or else no one is actually looking at the camera. The linky helped me, and others, remember to take regular selfies of ourselves with our children. Since the linky finished last year, I have gotten lax about taking selfies with the kids. But I have been trying to improve on this during the past couple of months.

So I thought I would share some selfies that I took of Dubz and me on Friday. It was an Inset Day at Moozles’ school, and Dubz doesn’t attend pre-school on Fridays, so Husband took the day off and we went to Chessington World of Adventures. Moozles is a roller-coaster fiend, so she spent half of the day with her daddy going on the scariest rides. This meant that I got a lot of alone time with my best boy (who is a scaredy-cat like his mummy). He is so much easier on outings than he used to be, and he is lovely company. We had fun, and managed to take a few silly selfies.

Silly Selfies Silly Selfies Silly Selfies


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  1. Those are some cracking shots! It’s so lovely to be able to take your own photos with your children these days. When my daughter was small, I remember asking my neighbour to take one of us, because I hardly had any. It was long before smart phones and digital cameras… if you can imagine such a thing!

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