Silly Words

I think we can all agree that it is hilarious when our children mispronounce words. I mean some days I have to forcibly stop myself from falling off my chair laughing. Take a few days ago, when my five-year old daughter was having a snack at the dining table after school. 

Moozles: What is eggs-sholution?
Me: I don’t know what word you are saying.
Moozles: What is eggs-shol-ution?
Me: That’s not a word. Can you use that word in a sentence to help me guess what you are talking about?
Moozles: What is the meaning of eggs-sholution?
Me: That is not the kind of sentence I was talking about. 
Moozles: Just go on the Google on your phone and look it up.
Me: I can’t look up the word because you’re not saying it right. Were you taught something about this word?
Moozles: It is the way things change over time.
Me: Evolution?
Moozles: Yes.

Then she tells me how giraffes evolve. They had had a scientist come talk at her school that day. Basically, she knew what it was, but wanted to show off. But she couldn’t show off initially cause she couldn’t remember how to pronounce the flippin’ word. haha

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