Six Years Ago

Six Years Ago

Today the kids asked to see some old photos, from when they were ‘little’. Here is Moozles when she is about 21 months old, back when she was an only child. I can’t believe that this was six years ago. This was her normal expression when I took photos. I hardly have any photos of Moozles smiling. Just always looking a bit surprised, as if she was minding her own business and I had popped out of a bush like some paparazzi. Haha

Moozles used to constantly paint and draw, and we went through a huge amount of paper when she was a toddler. She still draws a bit, but nowadays prefers to read. She is turning into such a big girl, which is lovely, but I do miss that toddler girl with the crazy curls who spent every moment by my side.

Six Years Ago Six Years Ago


9 thoughts on “Six Years Ago

  1. I love looking back at photos. It’s so strange to think of you with an only child – it feels like there must have always been two if that makes any sense at all! Love her photo face – so ‘huh’! x

  2. Ah Elfa, she looks so small and so cute. Look at those big blue eyes! They do grow up so quickly don’t they? Lili’s recently lost two of her bottom baby teeth, which came as such a shock to me. I just wasn’t ready for this big moment but of course she was really excited to be a ‘big girl’. Thank you for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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