Sleeping Bag S.O.S.

sleeping bagMy two-year old son, Dubz, has many great qualities. He is sweet, funny and independent. But, he is also an escape-artist. In his 27 months of life, Dubz has spent the past six months becoming proficient in escaping, from his clothes and especially from his sleeping bag. I can handle the lack of clothes as I am not afraid of seeing the flashing of toddler legs or toddler tummy. But the sleeping bag. Oh the sleeping bag.

My daughter, Moozles, used a sleeping bag until she was 3 1/2. I liked that she was contained and covered and kept warm. I would like Dubz to use one for a while longer. I know there are duvet sets that attach to the bed but Dubz is still in his cot. Amazingly he hasn’t tried to escape from that. And I would prefer him to stay in his cot until we can renovate his room in a few months’ time.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve gone to Dubz’s bedroom to find him in just his pyjamas with his sleeping bag on the floor. This has been fine during the warm weather, but yesterday Dubz woke up early and was freezing when I got to his room. We got a Grobag a few months ago, and that worked for a bit. But Dubz has now worked out the button and zip combo. And I didn’t want to buy any more sleeping bags as I have two winter sleeping bags that I bought earlier this year.

But I am not one to be defeated by my children. I am Mother, hear me roar! So, after a few minutes of problem solving, I realised that my brain was failing me and I needed to turn to something I call The Internet. Luckily there are clever people out there (on a Mumsnet forum) who have gone through a similar thing. And I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before. Turn the sleeping bag around so that the zip is in the back. Genius. And Dubz will be waking up warm every morning. Mum = 1, Toddler = 0.

toddler sleeping bag

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