Sorting Out The House

Sorting out the house

Summer is ending, and I don’t know about your house but mine is an absolute tip. My cleaning routine is the bare minimum. I’ve done some sweeping and cleaned the bathrooms. Husband even vacuumed a couple of times. But mostly, the house just looks there was a robbery a couple of months ago and no one cleaned up afterwards. In a couple of weeks, the kids will be back at school and pre-school, and I will have a few hours to probably clean. But I am not looking forward to that first cleaning session. Oh the dust, the dust.

Sorting out the houseOr I may just book a cleaner and spend my first day of freedom at the gym and then having lunch with mummy friends. I’ve just been perusing the Fantastic Services app on my mobile. It looks really easy to use. You can book your cleaner (or pest control or even pet care) through the app. And the app even list their current offers, if like me you are always after a deal. And if you are like me, it is so much handier doing things on my mobile rather than going onto the laptop. You can use the services once, occasionally or regularly – whenever you need it.

Sorting out the houseI used the gardeners at Fantastic Services a couple of months ago and they were brilliant. They arrived on time and got the work done without any hassle to me or tthe kids. And I am sure their cleaners will be just as good.

It can be so tough finding good, reliable people to help us in our homes. In one app, you have loads of different services to choose from. And it is a relief when you can do so quickly and easily. Download the app now, for free, and give it a try.





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