A Special Doll

A Special Doll

There is something special about a doll. When you’re little, it can become a special friend. When I heard about Makie dolls, I knew Moozles would love one. The dolls are custom made on My Makie. I don’t mean that you just pick out the one you like. You get to choose every aspect of the doll, from its skin colour to the shape of its eyes to the length of the hair. So your mini-me can pick out their own mini-me. *squeal*

Obviously you can customise the doll in anyway, so it does not need to look like your little one. Moozles wanted a doll that looked like her, because she is ‘brown’ and it is hard to find brown dolls. First of all, I know that my daughter doesn’t look very mixed race. But in her words, she is ‘brown like Mummy’. Bless her. Anyway, we spent about 20 minutes online ‘making’ Moozles’ doll, adjusting the shape of the nose, chin, eyes and cheeks.  It arrived in just under two weeks.

Moozles was thrilled with Luella, her Makie doll. The only issue she had was that the doll’s hair is  reddish, and she thought she was choosing medium-brown online. But the doll still looks a bit like her. And Moozles picked the doll with long hair, as she thought it would be fun to fix her hair. Dubz loves stroking Luella’s hair, it is really soft. He can be found playing with Luella when Moozles is at school. *shhhhh*

The dolls have movable joints, so their bodies move at the wrists, elbows, knees, back and head. So the doll can do more than just sit or lie down. It can stand on its own, it can ride horses and firetrucks, and it can be moved like it is walking. This really aids in the creative play. Makies retail for £69, and that includes an outfit. You can purchase additional clothing, accessories (like glasses!!) and wigs. You can even buy a boy Makie.

A Special Doll A Special DollA Special DollA Special Doll


We were sent a Makie doll for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own (and Moozles too).

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