My Studious Sunday Photo

My Studious Sunday Photo

Moozles isn’t allowed to watch television on the weekday mornings. So when she wakes up she does colouring or drawing. I recently bought some ‘Maths’ and ‘Handwriting’ workbooks from Poundland (um, why do British people call Math ‘Maths’?).

Moozles loves practicing math and writing. When it’s time for breakfast, she always begs to do one more page. It’s so cute. I wonder how long it will last. Will she one day grow tired of school? How do you foster a love of learning? Many people think their children are bright. But intelligence alone cannot take you everywhere in life. You must want to learn. You must want to achieve. I guess for now I will just be satisfied with her love of learning. And enjoy a bit of quiet in the mornings.


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11 thoughts on “My Studious Sunday Photo

  1. My Gosh! If only my children would be so studious!

    Love the math / maths debate! Why do we add a S, surely math is the shortening of math ematic (s)!


  2. Wow that’s pretty fabulous what a bright little spark she is!!
    I love that you asked why Brit called is maths….math is the one american word I could never truly accept haha (oh and aluminum obviously!!) xx

  3. Bless her, she looks really proud. And well done for reinforcing the no TV rule in the mornings, I think that must be a really positive step. We ought to do the same really. x

  4. Definitely enjoy this time Elfa! She might not be so enthusiastic with Maths in the morning when she’s a teen! 😉 Seriously, I think it’s great that she’s so keen to do this, and also if it’s the norm and she doesn’t have any other distractions then she’ll be more likely to want to do it herself. We’re cutting right back on telly for our two, mornings are the worst as we’ve been using it as a crutch as they wake so damn early, but I really do think it’s not good for their play or behaviour- F & S have been devils since a 2 week diet of telly due to illness. Everything in moderation and all that, but if we can get in the habit of doing something similar on a morning the older they get, then I will be a very happy bunny! x

  5. Make the most of it! Or get her an instrument… it’ll make her batter at Maths… Math…? I really don’t know why we add the ‘s’!

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