Such A Cool Girl

Such a Cool Girl

Moozles, who turns seven in April, has a favourite word: cool. Apparently everything good is ‘cool’. And when she likes an outfit, that is ‘cool’ as well. On Sunday we met up with Husband’s family for lunch at Tom’s Kitchen in Somerset House. So Moozles dressed up in some cool clothes.

I recently bought the kids some new Springtime clothes from H&M. I have to buy clothes in size 8-9 as Moozles is tall, but the clothes fit beautifully. I buy 90% of Moozles’ leggings/treggings from H&M, as they keep their shape really well and have great prints. Moozles’ above outfit is almost entirely from H&M. The faux fur jacket is her old one from Matalan (I accidentally grabbed it rather than her new one, oops). It is a size 5-6 so obviously small on her, andĀ gives her an accidental rock chick vibe.

If your little girl would like a similar outfit, then have a look below (click on the pic and it will take you to it on the H&M website). The jumper is thin so she wears it with a long sleeve underneath. But she can wear it on its own in the Spring and Summer. Her treggings above are now sold out, but there are still some other lovely ones on the site. The suede pink boots get dirty so quickly, but they are a great transition shoe from Winter to Spring. And as you might be aware, my daughter is a great lover of the colour pink.

such a cool girl such a cool girlsuch a cool girl



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  1. That outfit is utterly cool!! I saw that jumper in H&M the other week but they didn’t have it in Leah’s size, the boots are adorable too. Thank you for sharing. #TT_Thursday

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