Summertime Fun at Fit For Sport

We are more than halfway through the summer holidays. And while I find the first two weeks always goes smoothly, the third week gets a bit tense. And if the weather is rainy, it seems to make things worse. We’re all getting a bit sick of one another, and I can’t seem to get anything done. So on a day of craziness and non-stop fighting, I ¬†booked Moozles and Dubz onto Fit For Sport.

First of all, let me be clear. My nine-year old daughter does not like holiday camps. Or actually, she doesn’t like the thought of them. Moozles would rather spend the day lazing about in bed reading books or watching Netflix on the iPad. But my five year old son needs constant exercise. And truhtfully, so does my daughter, though she doesn’t realise it. In fact, I think most children are happier when they’ve spent a lot of time walking, running and climbing around.

So when I informed Moozles and Dubz that I had booked them on three half-day sessions at the Malden Centre, Moozles groaned. Dubz cheered. Moozles spent a day trying to convince me to cancel. She gave up. Last Monday came, and it was time for their half day session (the morning session runs from 8.30am-12.30pm). I dropped them off with a snack. Dubz got a bit teary as he was feeling shy, but the friendly staff eased his nerves.

Four hours later and I picked up two happy children. Amazingly they had had a fun time. There were arts and crafts, games, and even a trip to the playground. They were even happy when I told them that we would be walking home instead of driving. Moozles and Dubz can’t wait for their next two sessions. I just wish I had booked them for full days. Now I know for next time.

One thing I really liked was that every child got a little bracelet, each with its own special number, when they were checked in. And whoever picked up the child had to know the number in order to take them home. It made me feel like secure knowing that no one could accidentally take my child. This was something that I had never seen before at a holiday camp.

If you’re feeling the need for some quiet time, Fit For Sport offer full days, morning and afternoon sessions. Just pop in your post code to find your nearest camp.

We were given complimentary sessions at Fit For Sport for the purpose of this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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