Surviving The Summer With Games

Surviving the Summer with Games

Six weeks of summer holidays. Yes, there will be relaxing. Yes, there will be outings. Yes, there will be lazy days in front of the telly. But there will also be games. Moozles, who is seven, adores board games and could play them all day.

Now that Dubz is three, I wanted him to be able to play games with his big sister.

So I was thrilled when we received four games from Ravensburger, and just in time for the summer holidays.

ABC Game and Ready, Set, Count were the easiest ones for Dubz to understand. But that’s probably because they are aimed at children three and over. Moozles and Dubz have happily played these two games loads of time, and have given me hours of peace and quiet (win-win).

My First Words is too tough for Dubz as he cannot spell. But he still gave it a go, and Moozles helped him to play. It’s always so sweet watching her help her little brother. But I think they will be playing this game more and more as Dubz starts to spell. My First Clock is another game that will come into its own next year when Dubz turns four. But I love that they have all these fun games to encourage children to learn. I didn’t have such things when I was younger. The games are also great to play with adults, and can be played with the entire family. Can’t wait until we can start having a weekly family game night!

Surviving the Summer with Games Surviving the Summer with Games Surviving the Summer with Games



We were sent these games for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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