Sweatshirt Stylin’

Sweatshirt Stylin'Have I ever mentioned that I love sweatshirts? It started when I was at the University of San Francisco. I think everyone who attends university in the USA ends up having a large collection of sweatshirts and hoodies. But when I moved to London, almost 14 years ago, my style became less relaxed and I stopped wearing sweatshirts outside my house. But in the past few years, sweatshirts have definitely become cool and now even celebs are wearing theirs (and not just to the gym). And don’t be fooled in thinking that sweatshirts are just for teenagers. Us 40-somethings, and older, can definitely rock a statement or logo sweatshirt.

Last month I got a new Rodarte sweatshirt from Farfetch, so I thought I would share some of the ways I’ve been styling it. If you’re not familiar with Rodarte, they’re a cool and arty fashion brand made up of two sisters from California. Their ‘radarte’ sweatshirts and hoodies have been a hit with celebrities including Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Rashida Jones and Jay Z (they are unisex). And I thought it would add some Californian cool to my wardrobe.

I’ve been wearing my new sweatshirt a lot around the house (it is the softest item of clothing I own). But I also wear it on the school run, with jeans and sneakers/trainers. I’ve been wearing it over dresses and leggings at the weekends. And I’ve even teamed it with a jazzy necklace, a long skirt and heels to go out for dinner. Sweatshirts look fab with just about everything. But whatever you do, don’t wear them with leggings. Leggings are not trousers. Fact.

Sweatshirt Stylin'Photo credit: Whenever Husband took photos for my posts, they would always be a bit blurry so my daughter Moozles has become my new fashion photographer. And she has done a brilliant job! Moozles has taken all the photos in this post except for this one. After our photo session, she wanted me to take a selfie, so I had to include it. 🙂

Sweatshirt Stylin'Sweatshirt Stylin'Sweatshirt Stylin'


Farfetch let me choose this sweatshirt as a gift, from their huge range of gorgeous designer wear. I was not obligated to write about it.


9 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Stylin’

  1. I would LOVE to experience college/uni in America – it’s all the teen movies I’ve watched. I am a huge hoodie fan and wear them both in and out of the house! x

  2. Ella you look totally fabulous! Moozles is the perfect fashion photographer – lovely clear shots and she gets you looking totally happy and gorgeous cos you’re looking at her. As you know, I love a sweatshirt and wear my current favourite almost every day. It has the be the right kind of soft though, right? There are sweats and there are sweats! xx

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