Taking Care of My DSLR

Taking Care of my DSLR

Three years ago I asked everyone to give me Amazon vouchers for Christmas as I wanted to buy a DSLR camera. And it was worth every penny. I don’t take fancy photos, mainly photos of my family. But I do notice a higher quality in the photos that I take with my DSLR. Yes, I take a lot of photos with my iPhone, but I get the DSLR out when I want to ensure a great shot.

It turns out, though, that you’re supposed to clean your DSLR. After a year or two, they start to get a bit grubby. And you can’t just use your t-shirt or baby wipes (that’s how I clean a lot of things). In fact, cleaning your camera lens with a t-shirt can make it even dirtier. A clean camera is less likely to break. And who wants to find that they have taken photos with specks of dust on them? I’m waiting for this cleaning kit to arrive, and I’m hoping that it helps my camera last a long time.

If you would like to learn more about keeping your DSLR camera clean, check out these top tips from Currys.


This blog post was written in exchange for a DSLR cleaning kit from Currys.


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