Taking Temperatures in the Future (& Braun Giveaway)

No need to wait for the future. The future is here. Braun have developed a thermometer that can take a temperature without touching your skin. Whoa. What? That’s right. Your little one has a fever, and you can sneak in their room and hold the thermometer near his/her forehead while he/she sleeps. Like a ninja! Although maybe in the future, you will be able to say your child’s name into a computer and it will tell you their temperature (I might give up blogging and become a thermometer designer).








Last Thursday I attended a launch of the two newest Braun thermometers: the NTF3000 (above) and the ThermoScan 7. The latter is an ear thermometer that can be adjusted according to the child’s age. Did you know that a definition of a fever is dependent on a child’s age? Considering I have two children, I probably should have known that a fever in a three-month old is not necessarily a fever in a three-year old. This is useful when you have children of differing ages that need their temperature taken.

Luckily, Dr Ranj (presenter of Get Well Soon on CBeebies), was on hand to offer information on how to deal with a fever as well as to answer questions. He’s a paediatrician, and experienced with handling children and worried parents. The launch wasn’t just fever talk. We also had yummy, and cute, food. And I may have made Dr Ranj take a photo with me. And I may have made him record a video for my kids. Basically, I bothered Dr Ranj while everyone else was polite (and British).

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I was really impressed with the new range of Braun thermometers. We have an older version of the ear thermometer, so I know what a good name that Braun have in the world of thermometers. I was quite pleased to be able to take home one of the Braun No-Touch thermometers. The thermometer has a super sensitive sensor, which can be used in two ways: touching the forehead and placed up to 5cm away from the forehead. As it does not need much cleaning, I can take my entire family’s temperatures in a matter of seconds. NinjaMum!

The lovely people at Braun are giving one of my readers a chance to win a No-Touch NTF3000 Thermometer (retails for £52.99 at Argos). If you want the chance to take a temperature like a ninja, enter via Rafflecopter.

Braun thermometer

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! x


I was invited to the Braun launch and given a thermometer for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
*Photo credit: first two photos – Braun Therms websitephoto w/ Dr Ranj – Rachel King


31 thoughts on “Taking Temperatures in the Future (& Braun Giveaway)

  1. Wow! This thermometer sounds amazing. I couldn’t done with it last week for my child with scarlet fever. All our thermometers have given up, so I was reliant on my hands to feel for fever.

  2. This thermometer looks great. I have 4 children and when they are ill they kick up a fuss about using the ear thermometer so this would be a great alternative.

  3. This sounds great! Finally a way of taking their temperature without them waking up & insisting on being taken into your bed!

  4. Lovely meeting you at the event! your 2 kids are gorgeous looking there must get that from their Mummy!! How did your kids like the video message? My boy and his mate didnt stop watching it all afternoon! hope to see you soon again! AK x

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