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Last year, Moozles went for a free tennis trial courtesy of the Great British Tennis Weekend. She loved it so much that she went to tennis camp last summer. Now that the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, tennis is back on our minds again. Moozles has tennis classes at school this term, once a week, for PE. And we’re planning to book her in for some tennis outside of school.

This year, the LTA is offering free tennis classes to children between the ages of 5-8. Moozles was really nervous about her tennis trial last summer. She is a bit shy, and is nervous about trying new things. But in the end she had a great time. For those of you thinking of signing up, I thought I would share some helpful tips!

1. Sign Up Early – Registration for Tennis for Kids opens today. Go online and sign up for one of the 2,000 spaces. You can put in your post code, and you can pick which tennis club and class is most convenient. The courses are six-weeks long, and will mostly take place during the summer term. And there are 20,000 tennis rackets that will be given to the children who sign up, and regularly attend, the classes.

2. Get Excited About Tennis – Don’t just wait for the course to begin. Watch some YouTube clips or watch a match on telly. Show your children how fun, and exciting, tennis can be!

3. Dress Appropriately – My girl loves a tulle skirt or a long dress, but that would not be the most comfortable way to play tennis. Wear some joggers, shorts or leggings plus a t-shirt. And don’t forget your trainers. If it’s sunny, make sure to put sunscreen on your little one, and maybe even a cap to keep the sun out of their eyes.

4. Have Fun – Learning tennis isn’t about becoming the next Serena Williams or Andy Murray. It is about learning a new sport whilst having fun. Your little one will get the chance to be a part of the team and make new friends. What’s not to like about that?!



I’ve been asked by The Lawn Tennis Association to share information on this great programme. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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9 thoughts on “Tennis for Kids

  1. These are some fantastic tips and cannot wait for my eldest to start his free 6 week course later this month! Tennis is such a great sport and it’s fantastic to see what Tennis for Kids is offering and encouraging children to have a go and hopefully fall in love with the sport

    Laura x

  2. I love the action shots in your first photo! I will never forget playing tennis at school, there’s something about the sport that captivates you, even if like me, you are not very good at it!! Great post.

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