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This week’s theme for The Prompt is ‘that was unexpected’. I thought the news of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s split was quite unexpected. I won’t use the term ‘divorce’ as I don’t want to infuriate Gwyneth. It is not that I was so involved with their marriage that I felt shocked when they broke up. But I find it surprising when any relationship or marriage ends.

The surprise is how some relationships are able to last a lifetime and that some relationships cease after a random number of years. What is the secret of a long-lasting union? I may have written sarky things about my Husband in the past, on my blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, on text messages, on emails. But I am actually quite madly in love with him. Like more than the day I married him. *stops typing to barf in mouth*

But what happens to turn ‘true love’ to ‘indifferent’ or ‘just can’t work it out’? With all the advances in science, can no one give me a formula for lasting love? And not just a lasting relationship or friendship. Husband and I have been together for almost 13 years (married for almost 10), and in 20 years’ time I still want to feel hot when we kiss. We try to have dates, but they are not as frequent as they used to be. So what do we do? Because I do not want to be surprised with the end of my marriage.


8 thoughts on “That Was Unexpected – The Prompt

  1. It doesn’t sound like you have much to worry about! I think maybe the relationships that work out are those that happened at exactly the right place and the right time of your life. Some of us get into a relationship with the wrong person too early, some of us leave it a bit late and settle. But then again… who knows if there is any formula at all and Love isn’t just some kind of beautiful mystery (hurls!) 🙂 #ThePrompt

  2. It’s amazing when you think of all the circumstances that can affect meeting someone and how the relationship works out. It’s amazing anyone manages to stay together forever. Thanks for commenting!

  3. What an interesting post, and a really difficult question! By the time I was thirty three close friends had a divorce behind them, all three of them are now on marriage number two, and all of these marriages appear to be very strong… I got married at 31, having and a couple of serious, could have led to marriage, relationships. But, I waited. And then I met ‘the one’…! I do wish there was a magic formula, I hate to think that I might be surprised one day x Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  4. My pleasure Sara. I enjoy having the prompts to make me think about random things. I guess in lieu of a formula we’ll have to just work our socks off at achieving happily ever after. 🙂

  5. Now there’s a question! My hubby and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last week. I have found good old fashioned things like honesty and openness are important as well as doing new things together, like trying a new hobby or experience, or discovering a different restaurant or holiday destination. #ThePrompt

  6. So sorry I wish I had the secret formula for you and all of us. My family is full of divorces my siblings my parents each a few times. Sounds like you are doing amazing though. #prompt

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