The Best Nine of 2016, Or Are They?

If you have an Instagram account, then you will have heard of the Best Nine of 2016. Basically, every year you can see what your nine most popular photos were. It is always nice to have a look through to see which photos received the most likes. But I don’t really think those photos were that representative of my year. Instagram shows the pretty side to life. Even if I show a messy house or tantrum, they never receive the most likes. People love a pretty picture. That is just a fact of life.

So, if you’re on Instagram, don’t just like the beautiful photos. Don’t scroll past the mundane pictures. No one has a perfect life. Even if you love the pretty, try and embrace the ordinary. And if you prefer looking at people’s ‘perfect’ lives, then remember that no one is perfect. Enjoy the beauty, but remember that life is more complex. Don’t feel bad about your cramped house, your screaming kids or your not-so-photogenic life.

Sometimes my house looks like a bomb has hit it. Sometimes I don’t add a filter and I show my bare, blotchy face. Sometimes my son is throwing the mother of all tantrums. Sometimes my daughter is rolling her eyes at me. But sometimes, I am actually having a scenic walk in Richmond Park wearing a pleated skirt and a statement sweatshirt.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Nine of 2016, Or Are They?

  1. They are some gorgeous photos. Love this post. I don’t mind real and prefer that to themed/minimal/all pretty feeds, but bad pictures (dark, fuzzy) just hurt my eyes. I think I’ve been instagrammed too much now to want to look at accounts where every picture is dark and poor quality.

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