The Crown Jewels, Not Quite

It’s been a bit of a tough week at my house. We all went to the in-laws’ for a couple of days. We left our five year-old there and came home with our 17-month old on Tuesday (our daughter adores her grandparents and takes every opportunity to stay with them). We arrived home to find we had been burgled.

I’ve never been burgled before, so assumed burglars took televisions and computers and whatever jewellery is in your jewellery box. I thought I was one step ahead by hiding my various bits of jewellery in different drawers in different rooms. What a shock to see my sock and knicker drawers overturned onto my bed. They got most of my gold jewellery and half of all my jewellery. 

I can handle loss of belongings. I’m not overly materialistic. BUT, most of the jewellery they took were given to me by my father. My dearest, but departed, father. There were pieces of jewellery that I would wear and think of him. I don’t need those things to think of him. But they were nice to have.

So, next week I will be trying to focus on being thankful for the things I have. Not just physical things, but memories of much love.

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