The Endometriosis Worldwide March, 13 March 2014

Today, in over 53 cities, will be the first ever worldwide march for Endometriosis. One in eight women has endometriosis. Chances are you know someone who has it. I have it. The symptoms range from mild to severe. Many women spend years waiting for a diagnosis. It took 21 years before I finally had a laparoscopy (a keyhole surgery, which is the only way that Endometriosis can be diagnosed). 

I am lucky in that Endometriosis did not reduce my fertility. But it did leave me in severe pain two days every month. Try taking care of two children when you are in bed, doubled over, and sobbing with pain. But it could have been worse. The exact cause of Endometriosis is not known, and there is no cure. This of course makes treating Endo difficult. On the 2nd of December 2013, I had a laparoscopy and two Mirena Coils inserted (blog post here). Though I struggled with pain for the first month afterwards, I have been relatively pain-free since January 2014.

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There are many women out there, still waiting for a diagnosis. And many, who though they have a diagnosis, are not receiving an effective treatment. Last week was Endometriosis Awareness Week. There was a segment on ‘Lorraine‘ (only UK viewers can watch this clip) and ‘This Morning’ but I did not see very much coverage. So today while thousands, and hopefully millions, of women march, I hope that Endometriosis gains more attention. I hope this allows for more research, better diagnosing and more effective treatment options. Because how are we going to get rid of this thing, if most people think it is simply a bad period?

If you would like to find out more about Endometriosis, have a look at Endometriosis UK or Endometriosis.Org.

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