The Prompt…Pink is for Girls

The Prompt for week six, from Mum Turned Mom, is ‘Pink is for Girls’. I had an outline in my head as to how I would write this post. I have a son and a daughter, and thought I could write on how the way you treat them is more important than the colour of their toys and clothes. Then something happened on Saturday. I went to my first blogger event. At the end, there were several spare wands and tiaras that we were being offered. My daughter and I didn’t take any, apart from the one she received on our arrival. I didn’t think we had anyone to give them too.

Then we got home. And we were greeted by my 21-month old son, who was very excited to see that his sister had a new tiara and wand. Luckily, Moozles is good at sharing and gave her brother the tiara and she kept the wand. I realised that if I had had a younger daughter at home, I would have automatically picked up a spare wand and tiara for her. But since my other child is a boy, I did not even think about it. This is silly since he loves playing with his sister’s dolls and doll buggy. And he has a great fondness for hats and hair bands. But when we buy my son clothes or toys, they normally are quite boyish. Dinosaurs and cars and darker colours (though we are quite fond of the colour yellow in this house).

So my post has changed and I have to now admit that I am more sexist than I thought. But this will be something I will be working on. My daughter already knows she can be anything she wants (she currently wants to be a builder, waitress and an ear doctor). I have to ensure my son knows that as well.

2 thoughts on “The Prompt…Pink is for Girls

  1. Wonderful post! You’ve hit the nail right on the head. As I wrote my post, I wondered why pink has such negative connotations, from a gender stereotyping perspective, and blue doesn’t. And, you’re right, I do treat my boys differently at times too. The stereotyping issue works both ways, and we need to be as mindful of our boys as our girls. Thanks so much for lining to #ThePrompt x

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