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Though I normally post about average Stay-At-Home-Mum stuff, I actually started this blog to note my experiences as an Expat Mum. And this week I was really feeling how tough it is being an expat. I was dizzy and weak on Monday. Luckily Husband’s work can be flexible. So he took our daughter to school before he went to work. Then he came home in time to pick her up from her after-school club at 4pm, and took care of the kids until bedtime. If I lived near my mom, she could have come over and help. But she lives in the States, which is really of no help.

Sometimes I feel sad that I don’t have a family base we can rely on. Husband’s parents live in Warwickshire. They come to visit once every other month and sometimes more. But we don’t really have anyone who can drop everything and help. 

I know other people in similar boats, regardless of whether they are an expat. But how do other people do it? How do you handle raising children with very little help. After all, isn’t it supposed to take a village? 


6 thoughts on “The Prompt – Reflection

  1. I can so completely relate to this. Although our move to the US has brought many good things, not least of which is a lot less stress and more quality family time, it has also meant that we no longer have any real support network and what we really lack, aside from help when sickness strikes, is any time alone as a couple. It’s tough, and short of employing someone to help, I have no solution! I have started trading baby sitting with a couple of friends who are in the same boat, and that has helped. But, doesn’t solve the unexpected events. Sorry, rambling, not particularly useful comment! Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt xx

  2. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt! Even when we lived in England our family were miles away and now we are in Canada they are a whole continent away just like yours. I don’t think there is or ever will be a substitute for having extended family nearby but being an expat does teach you to be self reliant and if that means your hubby has to be off from work when you are sick then so be it. The up side is that you will be come closer as a family because you only have each other to rely on.

  3. No, not rambling, useful. I should start trading babysitting. I think it would help if I got to go out more with my Husband. Feel a bit more human and not just like the Mummy-Bot. xx

  4. Oh hunny this almost made me cry and want to come to London all the way from Manchester just to hug you and tell you I feel the same way. It isn’t easy. Others aren’t doing it easily I can say that much. It’s the hardest thing in the world to be so far away from friends and family especially when we are not well and need family help. I could cry right now just thinking about how my kids won’t grow up like I did with aunts and uncles and cousins all around them. That they won’t have the bond that I had going to grammas and baking cookies. Or days out with my siblings and their kids. It breaks my heart, but I moved her to be with the one I love and I have to sit back and try to concentrate on the good I do have right here. But it’s so very hard, some days harder than others, but it’s never easy. It’s normal to feel the way you feel. Wish we lived closer to each other. 😉 Us west coast americans can stick together!!!! I hope you are feeling better. Only advice is to stay strong, know that we can get through this and find support within new friends. It’s taken me 7 years but I finally have that support friendship circle here and what a big difference it truly has made!!!! Biggest hugs. xoxo

  5. Awww, thanks for that. I know I am lucky to have this little family. And we are so happy. But you know how there can be certain days, when you’re tired or ill and there isn’t any extra help? And I see grandparents picking up their grandkids from school, and it’s always just me. Oh well. Will you be at Britmumslive? We could have some west coast bonding then! xx

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