Trusting Ourselves As Parents

Trusting Ourselves as ParentsDo you remember the day you first held your child in your arms? And you swore that you would do everything right. But let me tell you, there is no right way. There is listening to your heart, and listening to your instincts. There is trusting yourself. Trusting yourself a a person and as a parent.

But this is easier than said (or written). It feels like we live in a society that encourages self-doubt. We start out as confident babies and toddlers. And as childhood progresses, we start to worry. We begin doubting our capabilities. By the time we are teenagers, we are often drowning in negativity and we have lost belief in our instincts. It can often take years to gain back one’s confidence. Some people never get it back. It wasn’t until my mid 20s that I started to trust myself.

Becoming a parent is a time when many of us begin to lose faith in our instincts. How can you trust the way you want to raise your child when a million experts are telling you a million other ways. It is not always easy to follow your instincts. But we must. We should trust ourselves, as people and as parents. Trust that no one knows your child better than you. And yes, we all sometimes need some guidance. But if we let go the fear of doing things the wrong way, then we can finally trust ourselves.




9 thoughts on “Trusting Ourselves As Parents

  1. You are absolutely right, there is not right way to be a parent, just many different ways and we have to trust ourselves. Because, aside from those times when external advice is needed, no one knows our children better than we do. Great post, I couldn’t agree more x Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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      1. That’s so weird. Something must have gone wonky on Bloglovin’ when I went to comment. Sorry about that! I must have seemed awfully rude laughing at the beginning of the comment. 🙂

        As for this post – I agree that it’s definitely hard to trust yourself as a parent. Especially with ‘experts’ everywhere telling you to do something different – not to mention family and friends. I made a point not to read any pregnancy/baby books/magazines, etc. I think that helped and for the first year I had no problems doing what I thought was best. But as she gets older, I think I’ll find myself seeking out advice more and more – and how do you decide which advice to follow?

        1. I was the opposite. I read loads of books in the beginning, and then abandoned them when I had my second child. For the most part, I really just follow my instinct. There are certain things I will google, or ask about on FB or Twitter (stuff like preventing lice or dealing with chicken pox).

  3. You’re right, when we’re children we trust our instinct because our brains haven’t yet been cluttered with conventions and expectations. Returning to trusting our instincts – and ourselves – is something that comes with age and experience, and being comfortable and confident in who you are I think xxx #ThePrompt

  4. I suffer terrible with mummy guilt though there more I grow into this role as mother the more I trust my gut. The best thing I ever did was chuck out all the God dame parent books. If everyone is different you can’t have a set formula and I live with my son through all the different moods, temperaments etc I know my son better then them stupid score charts telling me what so called level my son is at!

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