Updating the Living Room with a New Sofa

Updating the Living Room with a New Sofa

We have been busy at Californian Mum HQ (by HQ, I mean my house). We are currently in the middle of home renovations. Although we have been having some major work done, we are also getting new furniture and giving the house a general update. Last month, we gave the living room a little update in the form of a new sofa and moving some furniture around.

Our previous sofa was brown and boring. It was also not very comfortable, even though it was only three years old. And the top cushions were in a constant state of sag. Also, after some calculations, I realised that we had had four brown sofas over the past 14 years. Husband really likes brown sofas. But I decided that I needed some colour in my life.

I did a little filming for Mumsnet and DFS in July, and they offered me 50% off a sofa in exchange for my participation, so I thought it was a deal I could not pass up (please note that I was not under any obligation to write about the sofa or share on social media). Anyway, after about three weeks of searching online, and in-store, I finally decided on the beautiful blue leather sofa above.

Leather sofas are perfect for families as they are wipe-clean. And the Carter Sofa is ideal as it is foam-filled, which means no need for plumping. I also found a fab (and kinda huge) plant from Lidl for less than £10. And we got a new wingback armchair from IKEA. Now our living room is filled with comfortable and attractive seating. It is being painted in a couple of weeks, and then it will feel like a whole new room.

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