Warsaw with Kids

During the Easter break, my family and I went on a surprise holiday. And I mean it was a complete surprise. My in-laws booked the holiday through a company called srprs.me, and none of us knew our destination. It wasn’t until we got to the airport that we were able to check the website, and discover that we were going on a mini-break to Poland. I had never considered a visit to Warsaw with kids, but found it to be utterly delightful.

If you are considering a city-break with children, I can heartily recommend Warsaw. And there are many reasons for doing so. First, it is not expensive to get from London to Warsaw. The flight from the UK is only 2 to 2 1/2 hours long. There are plenty of family-friendly attractions to choose from. And while it is a big city, ubers are cheap so it is not tough getting around.

The Old Town isn’t actually that old. It was rebuilt in 1944, and is a symbol of the city’s rise from the ruins of WWII. The buildings are very pretty. We walked around on a rather cold day, but would have loved to see it on a warm day where everyone was sitting in the square enjoying their coffees and ice creams.

Everyone had a favourite part of the mini-break. Husband’s was the Neon Museum. Thought to be fair, it was his idea to go. We went after our visit to the zoo, as both are on the outskirts of the city. It was pretty cool seeing the old neon signs. Kids are free, and it costs 13 zloty (about £3) for each adult. It only took about 20-30 minutes to walk around, so it is quite a quick outing.

On the outskirts of the city, you will find the Warsaw Zoological Gardens. Moozles was especially happy to see flamingos as those are her favouite animals. We had the yummiest fish and chips lunch at the zoo (Husband and Dubz had hot dogs and said they were amazing). I love an attraction that serves good food!

Both Moozles and Dubz declared that their favourite part of our trip was visiting the Copernicus Science Centre. It is the biggest science museum in Poland, and the best one we have ever been to. We went for a couple of hours, but could have easily spent longer. Tickets are timed, so it is best to book yours ahead of time.

Warsaw isn’t just a good place for attractions, there is lots of lovely food. Besides pizza and pasta, which there was plenty of, we managed to have a posh dinner celebrating my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday. At the time, the kids were 10, six and four – which makes dining out much easier.

So, that was our trip to Warsaw. There were seven adults and three children, and I think everyone was happy with the mini-break. There were lots of sights, delicious food, plenty of wine, afternoon naps, a sneaky bit of shopping, not to mention loads of family time. What else could you ask for??!

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