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While most of us have been thinking about our autumn/winter fashion, how many of us have extended these thoughts to our accessories? I’m talking about watches in particular. A couple of months ago, I got a new watch to update my autumn/winter style. And not just any watch, but a wood watch from Jord. I have received numerous compliments on my new watch, as you can imagine.

I had seen these Jord watches on Instagram for quite some time. I thought they looked pretty, but a wood watch did not seem very practical. Surely they would be heavy and uncomfortable, and then they would probably warp at the first sign of rain. When my Frankie watch arrived, I was happy to be proven wrong. I chose the Frankie because I loved the zebrawood and champagne combination. It is so elegant. Also, as zebrawood is a stripy wood, it looks quite unique. It is not just one colour, which makes it even more obvious that it is indeed a watch made out of wood.

Another thing I love about the Frankie watch is that it is incredibly light. I assumed the watch would feel bulky, especially as I chose a chunky watch, but the wood is lighweight. In fact,  I keep forgetting that I am wearing a watch. Also, the watch isn’t sensitive to the outside temperature. I have really noticed this as the weather has gotten colder. My watch doesn’t feel cold like a stainless steel or gold watch would. And if you’re at the gym, you don’t get sweat patches under the watch like you would when wearing a watch with fabric or leather straps.

One thing to note is that Jord wood watches are based in the USA, but they offer free shipping worldwide. Jord offer engraving on the watch itself or the watch box, which is lovely if you’re giving it as a gift. Also, you can have the watch sized when it arrives, or Jord will do that for you for $10. I would suggest using a tape measure. I downloaded and printed their wrist sizer, but I didn’t do it correctly. I am not not sure if it has to do with the different paper sizes (we typically use A4 paper in the UK). But I took the watch to my local jeweller’s and had it sized for £20.

If you would like your own wood watch, I have a great way for you to receive one at a discount. Enter here for the chance to win a voucher for $75 off a Jord wood watch. One winner will be chose in a months’ time. Don’t despair if you’re not the winner, as you will receive a voucher for £20 off. Then your wrists will be fully accessorised for autmn/winter like mine!


I was sent this watch for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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