What Not To Expect…for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of those strange days. When you’re about to have a baby, you imagine idyllic pampering sessions and breakfast in bed like you see in movies and on television. And that may even happen on your first Mother’s Day. But often you will find yourself busy with a sick child or battling siblings. And sometimes you may have a partner who doesn’t organise anything. So, for those of you new to motherhood, I wanted to offer some guidance on what not to expect on Mother’s Day.

  1. Do not expect expect being able to sleep peacefully until 10am. Although this may occur, there is a chance that someone will wet the bed (hopefully not you – we all know what pregnancy and labour does do bladders), or your child might get sick or have a nightmare and need their mother. On a sidebar – is there a force field on my husband’s side of the bed that makes my kids bypass him and come straight to me?
  2. Do not expect a delicious breakfast in bed. This might occur, but you may also get burnt toast or a bowl of half-empty Cheerios which have spilled up the stairs as your child carried the tray because he’s a ‘big boy’.
  3. Do not expect a day of massages and pampering. If you’re lucky, your daughter may rub your back with a My Little Pony. One day I think my husband will think to book me off to a spa. It still hasn’t happened, 10 years worth of Mother’s Day. But one day, right???!
  4. Do not expect your children to take a day off from squabbling. My two can manage a few hours without fighting, but then something happens, he farts on her and she slaps him in the face. Ugh.

Now, I don’t want you to be misled. I love Mother’s Day. And I love receiving homemade cards and waffles in bed. Sometimes my kids and great, and sometimes they’re not. But that’s alright. And even if I didn’t get much, I’d be okay. Because I know I have it all.

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