Who’s the Better Parent? Women or Men?

Can one judge the value of parenting by gender? Are there biological benefits to being a female that makes one a better parent? Are women more nurturing, caring and loving? Are women born with an instinctive ability to better care of children? After all, women are the ones who grow life. Surely they are better able to take care of the people they have brought into the world? Right?

Wrong. Being a great parent is about showing love and understanding, not about your gender. Though Husband helped to ‘make’ our children, let’s be honest, I did most of the work. But that does not mean that my love is any greater. As a Stay-At-Home-Mum, I spend a great deal of time caring for my children. Husband works 45-55 hours per week. I know more about our childrens’ routines, their likes and dislikes. But this does not make me the better parent. Husband is an amazing father. He gives our children so much love and attention. And if he was the Stay-At-Home-Dad, and I was the breadwinner, we could not care for our children any more or any less.

Parenthood is an equalizer. None of us are ready or prepared. We have children and we either thrive or flounder. By thrive, I mean that we do our best and love the hell out of our kids. My flounder, I am talking about the parents we read about in the news. The ones that make us cry and shudder, and hold our children a bit tighter. There are some great mums and equally great dads out there. Being a great parent is about doing our best, loving our children and helping them grow up to be happy adults. What do you think makes a great parent? And do you think gender makes any difference?

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8 thoughts on “Who’s the Better Parent? Women or Men?

  1. I’m a stay at home dad and have to agree with you. I believe there’s nothing I’m not capable of as a parent but I find I face some barriers because of my gender (being accepted ins chool playground was more difficult for instance, though not insurmountable). #ThePrompt

  2. I’m really enjoying reading all the prompts this week, such a fab prompt. I particularly nodded at this bit: “Though Husband helped to ‘make’ our children, let’s be honest, I did most of the work. But that does not mean that my love is any greater. ” SO SO TRUE. Love is not determined by the pregnancy and labour. Fab post lovely xx

  3. Absolutely! I comment in my post that my husband may not remember things like dentist appointments (to be fair, he doesn’t really have to!) but he could not be a better father to the kids. Being a good parent really does have nothing to do with gender, what makes me sad is when men are marginalised in the early months because ‘the baby needs it’s mother more’… Your point about parenthood being an equaliser is spot on, we all have to learn how to be a parent. Great post, thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  4. Absolutely. So much of what one parent does, like remember dentist appointments, the other doesn’t – because they don’t have to! Instead they can concentrate on other areas of parenting, which are their strong points. It doesn’t make one better than the other! #theprompt

  5. Your comments actually made me shudder too, when I read about ‘foundering’ parents. Yes, we have all hugged our children that little bit tighter after hearing news stories. The fact that we instinctively do that tells me that any parent who hugs their child in that situation (or any, in fact) is doing the best job they can of protecting, loving, nurturing, guiding… #ThePrompt

  6. I totally agree – and I think it’s incredibly harmful to both men and women to suggest that one gender is inherently better equipped to be parents. I’m a stay at home mum too, but the partnership I have with my husband is essential in bringing our son up. I think he’d love it if he could be a stay at home dad for a while, so who knows if our roles will be reversed in the future! x

  7. Excellent post! Very well said.
    There are some days, especially in the early days of my daughters life, that I simply wouldn’t be able to cope without her daddy!
    He works hard to ensure the roof over our heads and gives me every Friday night off – what more can a girl wish for? xx

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