Yo! Sushi Leamington Spa

Yo Sushi Leamington

We visit my in-laws in Leamington Spa quite regularly. And we were lucky to be there last week for the opening of the new Yo! Sushi. Yo! Sushi is my daughter’s favourite restaurant. Moozles loves sushi and especially loves seeing the food come by on the conveyor belt. Her favourite sushi is the Yo! Roll (raw salmon and avocado surrounded by rice and smelt roe).

Now you might be thinking, ‘Who cares? I don’t like raw fish.’ Well, you don’t need to eat raw fish at Yo! Sushi. In fact, you don’t need to eat any fish at all. Just ask Husband (the man does not like fish, not even fish fingers!!!!). Yo! Sushi offer warm dishes such as chicken, beef, fried rice and noodles. There are even vegetarian options. Husband especially enjoyed the Beef Tataki (basically rare beef). I wish I had taken photos of the food, but everything was so yummy that nothing lasted very long.

I had brought snacks for my two-year old, Dubz. He had never tried sushi before and I thought he might share some of his father’s silly tastes. Seeing my son wolf down raw tuna and salmon — oh how it made my heart soar. Moozles better be prepared. We might have to start bringing her brother along on our sushi dates.

Yo Sushi Leamington Yo Sushi Leamington Yo Sushi Leamington Yo Sushi Leamington

If you live in/nearby Leamington Spa, pop on over to Yo! Sushi for yumminess. They’re located on Livery Street. The food is delicious and the service is fantastic. And don’t worry if you have children, they have high chairs and a menu noting items that children might like.
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I nabbed our free meals at Yo Sushi through a Facebook offer for Leamington customers. I wrote the post out of my own desire to let people know that Yo! Sushi rocks!

8 thoughts on “Yo! Sushi Leamington Spa

  1. I am so glad I read this one! I did think it was just raw fish, foolishly, and my husband doesn’t even like fish fingers, same as yours, so we’ve never tried eating there. We will now, though – thank you 🙂

    1. We love yo! Sushi here! The kids go mad for cucumber maki and prawn nigiri! I’m partial to the sashimi – the new beef one is divine!

  2. You have just dispelled a myth that I was sure was true – that I could only get raw fish at a Yo Sushi. I’m not a big fan of raw fish, although I’m happy to eat cooked fish or raw meat! I will stop avoiding Yo Sushis from now on 🙂

  3. We love Yo Sushi too-would go a lot when we lived in London and we do pop into branch in Harvey Nicks but it’s tiny and always packed! Fab place and so child-friendly, gorgeous pics by the way! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

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