My Zebra Photo

My zebra photo

Tuesday was my daughter’s class assembly. Moozles was a lady zebra. The reason that the picture is a bit fuzzy is that Husband took the photo. The reason that Husband took the photo is because I didn’t attend the assembly. I still feel sad about this, days later. Dubz had a bad cough and a stuffy nose and has not slept very well this week. He had an especially bad night on Monday night. So I stayed home with him on Tuesday morning.

Whether you work, or have more than one child, things happen and you sometimes miss those special moments. And there is no point agonising about missing some things, when I get to be there for most of the big (and little) things. But still, still, there is a bit of sadness.


5 thoughts on “My Zebra Photo

  1. Moozles looks fab, I wouldn’t feel too bad about it, I’m sure she understands that Dubz wasn’t very well and at least she had her dad there, and know you’d tried your hardest to get there.

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