2014, I’m so ready for you!

Last night, Husband and I were discussing the good and bad times of 2013. For me, 2013 has been one of the toughest years I’ve ever had. But in between the tribulations, our family has had some wonderful times. So rather than reflecting further on 2013, I wanted to write my hopes for 2014.

1. Continued love and happiness (generic but true).
2. Dubz, who is currently 19-months old, should have a big jump in his vocabulary.
3. Moozles, who is five, might be able to ride her bike without stabilisers.
4. Healthier lifestyles for Husband and me (and finally losing that damn baby weight).
5. A family holiday, which I will have to swindle or win a competition for as we’re on a tight budget.
6. Find an amazing part-time job that pays well and isn’t far from where I live.

The last two feel a bit greedy, but you gotta dream big right?! Happy New Year! May all your hopes comes true. xx

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