A Dinner Party Without Cooking

Okay, you obviously can’t have a dinner party without cooking. But you don’t have to be the one doing the cooking. At least that’s what I discovered last month. The lovely folks from La Belle Assiette offered to send a chef to my house so that I could host a dinner party with minimal effort. You all know that my kitchen skills are basic, and this service seemed to be made for me. So I invited three of my lovely mum friends over for some dinner and plenty of party.

When you book with La Belle Assiette, you choose your date and time as well as the menu you’d like. Menus start at £39 per person for up to six people. And that’s the most work you’ll have to do (apart from making sure you are well stocked on wine and Prosecco). The chef will contact you to confirm arrangements and menu. As I am lactose-intolerant, I made sure the menu would have milk substitutions.

My chef for the evening, Xavier, arrived at my home at 6pm (dinner was for 8pm). He had gotten all the ingredients for dinner. And while I finished blow-drying my hair and tidying the house, Xavier was meal-prepping for our feast. And when my friends arrived at 7.30pm, we started on the Champagne and were chatting in the living room while the tapas were being prepared. Then we sat down for a delightful dinner.

Normally during a dinner party, you’re going up and down and getting food and making sure your guests have everything. This time, I was able to fully relax. We had plates of tapas brought to the table, so we just kept talking and eating and laughing and drinking. Then it was time for Guinea Fowl Paella, before finishing with some Crema Catalana. And when he was all done, Xavier left me with a very tidy kitchen. No mountains of dishes to contend with. Everything being cleaned by the dishwasher. My friends and I continued to chat and drink until middle-age reminded us that it was time to go to bed.

Thank you to La Belle Assiette for a night full of delicious food, and effortless entertaining.



I was invited to experience La Belle Assiette for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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