A Family Who Wears Star Wars Together…

The family who wear Star Wars together...
I wanted to put together a post that included the coolest Star Wars clothing, and find something for each member of the family. But it turns out that there are just too many nice things. I mean, soooo many. But I suppose that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens comes out in cinemas on the 18th December 2015. I’ve kept my list mostly to tops, but you can find Star Wars underwear, socks, gloves, hats, robes and shoes. Here are my favourite items.

The family who wear Star Wars together...Stars Wars T-Shirt with Sequins (£12-£15) – Obviously girls don’t need clothes to have sequins, but Next have made their Stars Wars clothing feel less unisex than many other shops. So if your daughter likes Star Wars and is very girlie, than this the right top.


The family who wear Star Wars together...Star Wars Collectors Tee £40 – The badges on this t-shirt make it look so cool and trendy. My son has two other Star Wars tops from Courage & Kind, and they really know how to make good quality yet fashionable clothes.


The family who wear Star Wars together...Stormtrooper All In One With Hat £12 – How I wish I had a baby just so they could wear this. Mothercare have really one themselves proud with this little number. Sizing begins at newborn and goes until 6-9 months. And is so cute I could squeal. A little baby stormtrooper. Eek!


The family who wear Star Wars together...Chewie Bubble T-shirt £30 – Joy the Store has some fab mens’ t-shirts, and I can definitely see this one making it into Husband’s Christmas stocking. Chewbaca is a pretty cool dude anyway, but blowing bubble gum elevates him to a higher level.


The family who wear Star Wars together...The Empire Strikes Back T-shirt £20 – another cool men’s top. This vintage top is from the Disney Store. The red makes it look so unusual as sometimes it feels like all mens’ t-shirts come in grey, white or black.


The family who wear Star Wars together...Dark Side Jog Pants £55 – soft cotton joggers from Courage & Kind. These could be any joggers, but the beauty is in the details. Darth Vader and lightsabers are embroidered on the back pocket. AND there is a belt hook to hold your lightsaber. These trousers would make any Star Wars fan pretty happy (as long as they have a lightsaber).

The family who wear Star Wars together...Han Solo Rebel T-shirt £17.99 – have I ever mentioned my childhood crush on Han Solo? Who am I kidding? Didn’t everyone fancy him??!! Something Geeky have a vast array of Star Wars clothing, so there are loads of tops to choose from. This top has some shape to it, and a flattering v-neck. If you’re reading this post Husband, I would be pleased to find this tee in my Christmas stocking.

The family who wear Star Wars together...Star Wars Leggings £12-£17 – absolutely adorable. Another girly offering from Next. My daughter would love these. They are made for ages three until 16, so if you’re a petite lady you could probably fit into these. The leggings feature Darth Vader, stormtroopers, R2 D2 and Princess Leia. These were sold out for ages, but they are back in stock so order them while you can.

The family who wear Star Wars together...Star Wars Thermal Set £12-£14 – these are probably the coolest, understated Star Wars pyjamas that I have come across. They are sized for ages 2-10. My children always need clothes 1-2 sizes bigger from M&S as they are rather tall. My boy would love these pyjamas. But so would Husband. Please Marks & Spencer, make these for adults.

The family who wear Star Wars together...Glittery Jumper £19.99 – again, I don’t think women need clothes to be glittery, but I rather like this jumper from H&M. It looks quite comfy, and as it’s cropped it looks a bit more ‘fashion’. I would need a long vest underneath this as I don’t like my mummy tummy being exposed to the masses. But this would look cute with jeans or a mini and would be fab all winter.

The family who wear Star Wars together...Kylo Ren T-shirt £15 – I had to include a t-shirt with the newest Star Wars baddie. This long sleeve top, from John Lewis, looks so exciting. Kylo Ren is at the forefront with the stormtroopers looking pretty tough.



Fancy any of my choices? Remember, the family who wears Star Wars together, stays together. May the force be with y’all!


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