A Little Adventure

A Little Adventure

My two little monkeys are having a little adventure this week. They have gone to Leamington Spa to spend a few days with Husband’s parents. Dubz got a Trunki from his grandparents at Christmas and he was pleased to finally be able to use it.

They look so grown-up in this photo. In about two months, Moozles will turn eight and Dubz will turn four. How is this possible? In my mind, they are still so little. But now they are big enough to spend two nights at their grandparents without being anxious or sad at leaving their mummy and daddy. It is bittersweet. Moozles and Dubz are having a little adventure, complete with castles, swimming and ice cream. And I’m having my own adventure complete with lie-ins and nights out with Husband and my friends.


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