A Long Weekend in Normandy

My father-in-law turned 70 this year and he wanted to commemorate this special birthday with a family trip. So a few weeks ago we drove to Normandy to spend four days with Husband’s extended family. I wouldn’t think to spend a long weekend in France, as it seems to far away, but it was actually an easy trip.

The drive from south west London to Folkestone was about 1 1/2 hours, and then we drove onto the Eurotunnel train which only took 30 minutes to get to Calais. It was cool driving right onto the train. People mostly just sat in their cars, but there were toilets if needed. We drove swiftly off the train and then two hours later and we reached Luneray.

This journey was about the same as when we went to North Cornwall last month, but this time we were in France which naturally feels more exciting.┬áLuneray is in Haute-Normandy. Not only does this mean that it’s closer to the UK, but it means you’re not far from the sea.

 Did I mention that we stayed in a chateau? It was so pretty. That dining table was divine. And some of the rooms were so quirky.

The thing about a holiday or mini-break with extended family is that things end up quite relaxed. We originally had plans for day trips which turned into morning or afternoon outings. But we managed to make it to the beach, the local market and nearby Dieppe for some shopping.

While we were in Normandy, it was my boy’s 6th birthday. So he had a joint party with his poppa. The children played pass the parcel and there was a Darth Vader pinata. Dubz and Poppa had cakes and a lovely day of celebrations.

And then it was time to go home. It was au revoir to the wonderful croissants and baguettes and bonjour to the UK. Hopefully we will be back in France soon as we always enjoy our visits.


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