A Saturday in Kingston

One thing that I love about Kingston-upon-Thames is that there is always something going on. Sometimes, when we have no plans, and we don’t feel like staying home, we just pop into the town centre looking for fun. A few weeks ago we had a free Saturday so we went to check out the grand opening of The Entertainer in the Bentall Centre, Kingston.

To celebrate it’s opening, The Entertainer had free face painting and character visits (Dubz was especially excited about Batman and Robin Lego). And of course, there was the lovely new shop. Somehow, Dubz managed to get us to buy him a new box of Ninjago Lego. That boy is Lego-mad. And since my daughter could not be left out, I took her to Claire’s to buy new earrings. In exchange for their new things, I made everyone walk around Zara with me (cue evil laugh, muwharrr).

When we finished shopping in the Bentall Centre, we strolled around the Market Place before deciding on Wildwood for lunch. I say lunch, but it was 11.30am, and we were the first ones in the restaurant. Please tell me when children start being able to wait until 1pm for lunch! Anyway, after lunch we headed home so that Dubz could start building his new Lego. All in all, it was a lovely Saturday in Kingston.



We were invited to come to the opening of The Entertainer and given some toys for our time. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




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