A Trip To The Hospital

Last Thursday started off as a good day. After school, we went to the school’s adventure playground. We’ve been going most days and enjoying the good weather, while we can. Everything was going well, until Moozles ran over in tears saying that her brother was hurt. He had climbed up on the decking and had fallen down. I rushed over to find Dubz unconscious and then the fitting began. I can honestly say that I’ve never been so scared. I am not religious, but I started praying that he would be okay. He came to in less than a minute, which was a huge relief.

Luckily the mums and teachers around were quick to act. They called an ambulance, kept him in the recovery position and one of my friends took Moozles to her house. Dubz was in a bit of pain, and had wet himself, but luckily he kept still until the ambulance arrived. In a neck brace, and on a stretcher, the ambulance took us to St George’s hospital in Tooting. The last time we were there was over five years ago, when Dubz was born.

Thankfully, Dubz was fine. They kept him in the hospital for four hours, for observation. The poor thing had no top on as they had had to cut off his shirt and jumper. But he got to eat three bowls of cereal for dinner, so he was pretty happy. He even wanted to take a family selfie. Dubz was able to go back to school on Friday. But no playground after school. My nerves will need a few more days before I can handle him climbing on anything.



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