A Walk Along The River

A Walk By The River

On Friday, I had plans for a walk with some friends. As it was raining, I asked if we would just go to a cafe instead. But apparently, British and Scottish people don’t mind walking in the rain. They obviously did not grow up in California during the drought. And they obviously do not have frizzy hair issues. But, I’m a trouper, so off for a walk we went.

Luckily the rain went on hiatus for the first half of our walk. We started at Richmond Park, walked along the river, and stopped for a mooch about and a cake at Petersham Nurseries. We then headed back during a light drizzle before the rain properly returned. I enjoyed the walk, the lovely scenery and catching up with my friends. I will try and go for more regular walks in the park and along the river. Even in the rain.

A Walk By The River A Walk By The River A Walk By The River A Walk By The River




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  1. I don’t mind walking in. The rain, as long as it’s consistent but the other week there was a torrential downpour then sun and then rain again. It continued quite a time and walking is definitely not fun in that 🙂 that cake looks amazing too #MySundayPhoto

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