About Me

Hi, I’m Elfa. In 2000 I moved from San Diego to Paris, for a few months, looking for an adventure (and a romance with a Frenchman). There I met the loveliest British boy and vowed to make him mine. I moved to London in 2002 to be with him. I was only going to stay for three years, then we would move to California together. I never expected to love living in London. But here I am. If you want to read a bit about our story, here it is.

I am a mum to a six-year old girl, Moozles (not her real name just what we bizarrely call her), and a two-year old boy, Dubz (not his real name either–what a shocker). I used to work in HR, but I gave up my job after I had Dubz. I enjoyed working 2.5 days/week but I loathed the hour commute into central London. Plus, I had always wanted to be one of those mums who walked her kids to school, made costumes and baked. It turns out that I am not very good at those things, but I keep trying. I sometimes help with the PTA, I make an effort to be a fun mum and I try not to shout (though I often want to). Sometimes I miss working, but am enjoying being a stay-at-home mum for the moment.

I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog for years, and finally decided to have a go. Even if no one reads this, at least I’ll get a few things off my chest. If someone IS reading this, thank you! xx

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