Adding Variety to Family Meals with HelloFresh

I’m not the only one, am I? Who cooks dinner on a two-weekly rotation? I’m not a confident cook. I make nice dinners, but there isn’t a huge amount of variety. I feel uncomfortable trying new recipes. And even if you have everything you need, it is always tougher and takes longer than expected. Recently, in an effort to add variety to our family dinners, I have been trying out the HelloFresh family meals. And I wanted to share how we got on.

Husband and I are acually already big fans of HelloFresh. We normally get a box every other week. Husband loves cooking but gets stuck for ideas. The weekdays are so busy, that it feels easier to cook the same things over and over. But I want my children to try new things and to expand their tastes. So I’m trying to be more adventurous. And that’s where the HelloFresh family box comes in.

In each weekly HelloFresh box, you will find all the ingredients to make three or four meals. There might be some things you’re familiar with, and some new recipes. For instance, we made Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie for the first time. And while I expected my five-year old son to turn his nose at it, he actually ate three helpings. Other family favourites include the turkey stir-fry with coconut rice, quick fusili ragu, and the chicken wraps (which don’t sound exciting but tasted delicious).

Another thing I liked was the unusual ways of cooking and including vegetables. The chargrilled broccoli were a huge success, as was the veggie rice. I tend to be quite boring, and steam our vegetables. I enjoyed cooking the veg in a variety of ways. The children did not always love it, but they did try it all. And one day, one day, I will get them to like courgettes.

If you are thinking about trying out a HelloFresh family box, you can choose three or four meals per week. The price for three meals is £53.99, which works out to £4.50 per meal. The family box is supposed to feed four people, but we found that we usually had another serving left over. Sometimes I would have them for lunch the next day, and sometimes I would freeze the food and then give the kids a couple of meals on another day.

There is currently a discount code offering 55% off the first and second boxes (I just found it on the web). Use code NOVVC55 and try HelloFresh this month. Bon apetite!



We were invited to review the Hello Fresh family box for one month for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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