Ain’t No Party Like A Pizza Express Party


Last year, my daughter had a Pizza Express party for her 8th birthday. She had a great time. But when I heard that Pizza Express offered pizza-making parties for adults, I didn’t think it would actually be that fun. Fast forward to last week when I was invited to a pizza party for bloggers at the new Pizza Express at Gloucester Road. And as you can see from my face above, I was having a pretty good time.

The evening started off with Prosecco and olives, which of course set the tone for a lovely evening. I was a little nervous as I didn’t really know anyone, though had met a few of the bloggers once or twice. But all the shyness went away with the Prosecco and we soon got stuck into some dough. Talk about an ice-breaker. After shaping an tossing some dough, we were all feeling relaxed. And giggly. This was mostly due to Alex (the branch manager) and Gianmaria, who made sure we were learning in an entertaining way.


Then it was time to decorate the pizza of our dreams, we could choose as many or as few ingredients as we wanted. I chose to organise my cheese, pepperoni, olives and mushrooms into a heart shape. But there were some really beautifully designed pizzas that left me feeling very aware of my lack of creativity. The pizzas then went into the oven. And as we waited, we sat down to more Prosecco and lots of dough balls.

Despite my lack of pizza-making experience, I was quite pleased with my pizza (which I deemed ‘California Dreamin’). It was delicious, and I barely managed to have room for my favourite Pizza Express dessert (honeycomb cream slice). But somehow managed to squeeze it all in. Thank you so much Pizza Express for such a wonderful evening. Who knew that pizza-making parties could be so much fun for adults?!


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