Autumn to Winter in One Week

December in London can be a strange month. You can be getting ready for Christmas while the weather feels quite autumnal. And then in just a week’s time, winter has arrived. I thought I would share some photos which were taken in the space of one week. The top being the first photo, and the last two from a week later. We start off with green, orange and red leaves on the tree, and the leaves that are on the ground are crunchy. Then there seems to be more leaves on the ground, and they’re mostly brown. There is frost and ice, and everything still looks quite beautiful though different to how they once were.

The photos were all taken in Richmond Park, where I go once or twice a week for walks with friends. I always mean to remember to bring my SLR, but I forget. The photos were taken with my iPhone 6, which has such an amazing camera, and makes me look like a better photographer than I am.

butterfly gardengarden

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